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How We Operate

  1. We are not to be seen as a replacement of your regular Doctor. We are available to support your regular Doctor for after-hours attendance when your regular Doctor is closed.

  2. Our service is ONLY available, Mon – Fri 6pm – 8am, Sat from 12pm, Sundays and public holidays 24 hours.

  3. Any details of the treatment we provide you, will be sent to your regular GP the next day.

  4. You should contact your regular Doctor for any follow up treatment.

  5. If you have a life-threatening situation, you must ring 000 immediately.

We are an after-hours Medical deputizing service, meaning that our doctors are trained to deal with all category 4 and 5 medical issues. All serious or life threatening medical issues will be referred immediately to the ambulance service or the local hospital Emergency department.

Our focus is to provide you the most timely medical care, so your call will be triaged. In 90% of cases our doctors will arrive within 2 hours of your call, however during peak times the wait time may be a little longer. Our operators will stay in touch and contact you when the doctor is on the way, so please stay close to the phone. At any time please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.