Can we obtain PIP benefits and fulfill accreditation requirements by using WA After Hours Doctor?

Yes, WA After Hours Doctor is an approved after-hours deputizing service and by using this service, you become eligible to apply for PIP benefits and clear the accreditation requirements.

Does WA After Hours Doctor meet the commonwealth definition of a medical deputising service as set out in AMDS guideline?

In order to receive the accreditation, all After Hours deputising services need to meet the AMDS guidelines and we have passed this stage successfully.

Is WA After Hours Doctor an approved after-hours service?

Yes, of course. We are accredited by AGPAL and contracted by the Department of Health and Medicare to provide this service. This means that we are compliant with all the AMDS guidelines set out by the government.

We are already subscribed with other Medical Deputising Services; Do we need to pay a penalty to move from their service and is there any requirement to give a notice prior to that?

Generally not. As far as we are aware of, there is currently no such a signed agreement between the medical practices and Deputising Service Providers to bind a medical centre to use a certain service or pay a penalty. Unless you have signed such an agreement; there is no need for a medical practice to pay a penalty fee or give a notice prior to leaving their service.
Obviously, we do not force your business to sign an agreement for early termination penalty and we do not recommend you to sign such an agreement with other after hours services.

Do you own and operate a day-time medical practice?

No, WA After Hours Doctor does not own a day-time practice. However, we are required by law to answer the phones 24/7 during when we usually refer patients to their normal GPs and answer questions or respond to inquiries from patients or health centres.

Do you operate during unsociable hours 11 pm to 6 am?

Yes, We operate during the whole defined after-hours period which is 6 pm to 8 am on weekdays and from 12 pm of Saturdays to 8 am on Mondays and all public holidays. However, there may be different billing policy at different times.